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Repurposing your donated flowers...

Welcome To ReBloom!

Whats New?

Thanks to the Cincinnati District

Garden Club of Ohio for including ReBloom on agenda for Fall District Meeting! Sept. 26, 2017

Wedding season 2017 brings spectacular flowers for repurposing! 

Welcome to volunteers Cathleen Fagan, Christine Cho, Carolyn Carpenter!

ReBloom in the News!

See Cincinnati Wedding magazine, Summer 2017, p. 20

Read Chris Graves' Cincinnati Enquirer article about ReBloom Sept. 28, 2016

Read Mary Jo DiLonardo's article about ReBloom Sept. 30, 2016

Read Peggy St. Clair's interview 2011

What are people saying about ReBloom?

Posted Sept. 2017

I was sitting in the lobby of the hospital waiting on my sister, when a lady walked in with these beautiful arrangements of flowers and asked me if I was here visiting a patient. I told her my mom was in the hospital and she gave us this gorgeous arrangement to put in mom's room. She has been in critical care for 10 days and these flowers made her smile so big when we brought them to her room!

Posted July 2012

I am a nurse manager at Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital. I manage 4Tower.We have been so fortunate to have received some of your handiwork fromReBloom.I just wanted to take the time to say I think what you are doing is wonderful. The arrangements you bring are breathtaking. And they make such a difference in some of our patients. Some of the patients are elderly and without alot of family. The look on their face when the flowers are set on the table next to them is priceless. Faces light up when ReBloom arrangements are placed in the room.Sometimes, when the patient is discharged, the beautiful ReBloom arrangement sits on the counter of the nurse's station. Myself and other nurses can't resist walking by and smelling the fragrant flowers. Given some of the other "smells" we endure thru the day, the fragrance of the flowers are a godsend.Thank you so much for taking the time to give to the ministry of ReBloom.You probably don't get to see the appreciation it brings to others, so I wanted to take the time now and let you know what a blessing your arrangements are to others.

Thank you so much!!

Posted Oct 2011

I wanted to send you a great big Thank YOU! I was the recipient of one of your repurposed flowers yesterday! I was in the hospital to receive a chemo treatment and in comes one of the nurses with a vase of flowers! I really can not tell you how much it lifted my spirits. They were just so unexpected since I'm only in the hospital for 2 days each time. Most of my friends and family lose track of my treatments and hospital visits. What made me even happier was that I am all about recyling and repurposing! I Love the entire concept! I plan to spread the word to everyone I know. Keep up the good work ... I really appreciate what you are doing! Thanks again.


ReBloom is a volunteer group that creates repurposed floral arrangements from donated flowers in the Cincinnati Ohio area. 


Rather than your flowers being disposed after the event, let them bring joy to someone else's day. Deliveries of these arrangements to patients in local hospitals and charities brightens their day.


ReBloom provides an eco-friendly way to share the joy and beauty of your flowers 

Donations are tax deductible; consult your tax advisor 

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!