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Repurposing your donated flowers...

What is ReBloom?

ReBloom is a group of volunteers that repurposes donated flowers after a wedding or other event, and delivers these to hospital patients and other non-profit organizations in the greater Cincinnati area. ReBloom works in partnership with Robin Wood Flowers and others to arrange donations. A small fee of $150 is requested to help ReBloom continue this mission. 

How Does ReBloom Work? 

Once ReBloom is contacted by a florist, event planner, or individual, volunteers are scheduled to collect the donated flowers from the venue. Flowers that are normally discarded are transported to a ReBloom location for repurposing. Volunteers create unique, smaller arrangements. These repurposed floral arrangements are delivered at no charge to various non-profit non-profit organizations. Recently, ReBloom expanded deliveries to various locations in Over-the-Rhine.

Join us in this eco-friendly way of sharing the beauty of flowers from your special event. When planning your next event, contact ReBloom!



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